We work with companies in industries of food and beverage, agriculture, energy, mining, gas and oil, with construction, transportation, institutions of local authorities, and health.


Food & Drink

The Food Industry is one of the main sectors of the economy in Mozambique. The legislation for the production, trade and certification of food quality is demanding. It is vital for this sector to be up to date with hygiene standards and that its workers are provided with specialized protective equipment that meets legal requirements and industry standards.


Production, Industry, Oil and Gas

Mozambique is among the largest natural gas reserves in the world. The main international investors are already present and the exploration projects are starting to happen. The country will soon be a reference in this area of energy throughout all its cycle, from production to transformation.

Safety and personal protection is crucial and very demanding, with specificities for each area of the whole industrial process.

Hospital & Health Sector

In the health area, there are many threats to the well-being of employees, and it is essential to identify the appropriate protective equipment to prevent occupational diseases. There are equipments prepared to meet the challenges of the sector that integrates health facilities, clinics and hospitals, in a selection of the best products such as disposable gown, cap, safety gloves, respiratory mask, glasses and shoes of comfort and safety.

Construction, Mining & Energy

These are key areas for the country, the focus of great investment and the target of serious accident risks. Safety comes first once again and requires work and personal safety equipments that ensure the physical integrity of all workers. Block is prepared to respond with the best solutions to any project in the areas of construction, mining or related to the entire cycle process of the energy industry in Mozambique.